Day: June 23, 2023

The Art of Domino


Domino is a game that involves placing domino tiles on the table and then matching their exposed ends in a line. If the exposed ends total any multiple of five the player scores that number of points. The shape of the domino chain develops from the whims and constraints of the players. The tiles can be arranged in snake-line, square or diagonal forms. The open ends of a tile may be left blank or be positioned in the center of the domino.

The individual dominoes in a set are called tiles, bones, cards, tickets, spinners or stones. They have a rectangular face bearing identifying marks on one side and are blank or identically patterned on the other. A domino set usually contains 28 pieces.

Lily Hevesh began collecting and playing with dominoes as a child, enjoying the challenge of setting up a long curved or straight line of them then flicking the first one to cause it to fall. Now 20, she is a professional domino artist who creates mind-blowing setups for movies, TV shows, and events like the album release of pop star Katy Perry. Her YouTube channel features videos of her working with hundreds of dominoes.

Hevesh describes her process of creating these elaborate installations. She begins by considering the theme or purpose of the project, then brainstorms images or words that could be used in the design. Her next step is to draw or sketch the layout of the setup using a domino template. Finally, she tests the setup in her home to make sure it will work.

As the first domino falls, it releases potential energy into the next domino. This energy travels to the next domino and causes it to be pushed toward Earth, and so on, until all the dominoes have fallen.

During the Great Depression, Domino’s Pizza was one of the few businesses to survive the economic downturn. By staying true to the company’s core values, such as “Champion Our Customers,” and listening to feedback from its employees, Domino’s was able to weather the storm and thrive.

Domino is also a unified platform that orchestrates the end to end data science lifecycle across hybrid multicloud infrastructure. The software enables developers to use their preferred tools and existing data, accelerates time to value from AI, increases collaboration and makes it easier to manage compliance, security and cost.

Domino is an apt name for a company that continues to grow through innovation. In addition to a wide range of delivery options, Domino’s is also expanding its technological presence by allowing customers to order through text or emojis and by voice-activated devices such as Amazon Echo. Its emphasis on customer satisfaction has also helped the chain maintain its reputation for high-quality food and outstanding service. In fact, the Detroit Free Press named Domino’s as the best large employer in its 2017 Top Workplaces survey. In addition, Domino’s offers a competitive benefits package and pays its employees above the industry average.